Confidence Cemetery

Below are the rules and regulations for Confidence Cemetery. (download the original file here)


      • All interment charges must be paid at the time of burial by the family or funeral director.
      • No person will be permitted to dig a grave or perform any work in connection with a burial except the Village employees under the supervision of the cemetery caretaker.
      • Request for burial must be supported by the following:
        1. Name of deceased
        2. Place of birth and date
        3. Residence and age at time of death
      • Hours of burials are as follows:
        Monday through Sunday 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
      • CHARGES: The charge of interment for 2014-(effective 01/01/14) will be $500.00 and 2015-$525.00, Monday through Friday. Charges for interment on Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays will be $100.00 over the regular weekly charge.(See Res. #1086)
        Funerals scheduled to arrive at the cemetery after 3:00 p.m. on weekdays will be subject to the $100.00 holiday charge.
        The charge for opening and closing for a cremation is set at $150.00, Monday through Friday. On legal holidays and weekends the charge for cremation is $250.00.
        Special requirements are subject to additional charges, and mrnngements or requirements must be made prior to the funeral date.

      • Holiday decorations will be removed one week after the holiday except those decorations in monument vases.
      • No planting of fems, flowers, trees, etc. is permitted at any time. In the event these items are planted, they shall be removed immediately by cemetery personnel and will be discarded immediately. The Village will not be responsible for any costs incurred to any person planting any item in the cemetery.
      • Borders and edging (stone, brick, plastic, wood) are permitted around monuments. Borders and edging SHALL NOT protrude farther than 6 inches from any side of the monument. They are to be maintained by grave owner and must not interfere with normal maintenance and operation of the cemetery. Any that are left unattended and become unsightly will be removed by cemetery personnel. Borders and edging in non-compliance with this rule SHALL be removed immediately and discarded by cemetery personnel. The Village shall not be responsible for costs incurred to owner of non-compliant borders and edges.
      • No glass containers, wood, or tin boxes of any kind are permitted. Any violation of this rule will subject the item to removal together with the flowers enclosed.
      • Funeral flowers will be removed one (I) week after the funeral.
      • Wreaths and blankets are permitted from December 1st to March 15th of each year.
      • All flowers and decorations not in monument mounted vases or attached to the top of monuments will be removed by cemetery personnel on March 15th of each year.
      • Any decoration, solar lights, flowers, etc. that interfere with mowing or general maintenance will be immediately removed by cemetery personnel. The Village will not be responsible for damage incurred to any decoration at any time.

      • The cemetery is open to the public from sunrise to sunset; otherwise permission must be obtained from the office.
      • The speed limit for vehicles is 10 miles per hour. Automobiles are not to be parked on graves.
      • After a funeral procession enters the cemetery, the Cemetery Superintendent is in full charge. Traffic control and flow will be by prearrangement or at the direction of the caretaker.
      • All persons are prohibited from plucking any flowers, either wild or cultivated, breaking or injuring any tree, plant, or shrub, or in any way deface or break any monument, vault, or other structures. Violators will be prosecuted.
      • There will be no planting of any kind permitted unless with the approval of the cemetery committee. Violators discovered will be immediately removed.
      • All mowing and grounds upkeep will be performed by Village of Georgetown employees only. At no time will any person NOT in the employment of the Village of Georgetown be permitted to mow or perform routine maintenance of the cemetery.
      • No person is permitted to drive or ride over any part of the grounds except on the roadways which are provided for that purpose. ATV ‘ s are not permitted in the cemetery.
      • No one is permitted to enter the grounds except through the gates provided. Climbing over, breaking down, or scaling fences or injuring the same is forbidden and is subject to prosecution.
      • All non-cremation burials SHALL require a burial vault.
      • All grave markers and monuments shall be granite, marble, or bronze. No boulder markers or monuments shall be permitted. Any exception to this shall have the approval of the cemetery committee. Any marker or monument placed in non­ compliance of these rules SHALL be immediately removed by cemetery personnel. The Village will not be responsible for any costs incurred to any non­ compliant monument or damage to monument while being moved.
      • Monuments and monument foundations are the sole responsibility of the family of the deceased. The Village of Georgetown bears NO responsibility in the purchase, repair, or construction of either with the exception of installation being overseen by the caretaker of the cemetery.
      • The Village will not be responsible for damage to monuments, markers, stones in the cemetery which may be caused during the ordinary care of the cemetery, nor any other accident which may occur on cemetery property.
      • Any previously planted shrub, tree, or flowers that in the opinion of the cemetery, are overgrown, unsightly, or interferes with adjoining graves and cemetery maintenance will be removed.
      • Refuse receptacles are provided and so marked for visitors to discard and deposit trash. Your cooperation is respectfully requested to help keep the cemetery neat and clean.
      • Monument and foundation setting will be between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and will be under the supervision of the cemetery superintendent. Foundations will be made 4″ longer and 4″ wider than the monument base, and a minimum of 24″ deep.

      • When purchasing lots at the Confidence Cemetery the following is required:
        • Lots will be selected with the aid of the Cemetery Caretaker.
        • Lots will be paid for in full at time of purchase. No payment plan is available through the Village unless approved by the cemetery committee.
        • A grave shall be paid in full before burial takes place.
        • Lots purchased in the new section (4, 5, 6 and 7) of cemetery will be in a four grave lot minimum. Lots will be purchased two in front or two in rear, four lots in a front is not permitted. This rule does not apply to the old section. Certain parts in section 4, the purchase of two graves will be allowed.
        • The purchase of each grave of a burial plot shall be set as follows: (See Resolution# 1086)


          YearGeorgetownBrown CountyOut of CountyOut of State

        As used herein, the place of residency for determination of the fee to be charged for burial plots shall be based on the residency of the purchases of such burial plot or the place of residency of the decedent to be buried in such burial plot as of the date of death of the decedent; i.e., if either the person purchasing such burial plot or the decedent at the time of his or her death is/was a resident of the Village of Georgetown at the time of purchase of such burial plot, the fee to be charged shall be $475.00 (for the calendar year 2014). And if neither the purchaser of such burial plot nor the decedent to be buried therein was a resident of the Village of Georgetown at the time of death of the decedent but was, instead, a resident of Brown County, Ohio, then the fee to be charged shall be based upon the foregoing chart (i.e., Brown County burial plot fees equal to ($675.00 for the year 2014). Written proof of such residency as to either the purchaser or the decedent shall be provided by the applicant thereon at the time of purchase.


      • Footers that need to be moved for new burials will be done by the Village and put back in place by the Village with a charge to be added to the open/close fee. Fee schedule:
        4 x 0.8 thru 2.0 X 1.0=$125.00
        2.6 X 1.0180.00
        3.0 X 1.0216.00
        3.36 X 1.0252.00
        4.0 X 1.0288.00
        4.6 X 1.0324.00
        5.0 X 1.0360.00
        3.0 X 1.2252.00
        3.6 X 1.2294.00
        4.0 X 1.336.00
        4.6 X 1.2378.00
        5.0 X 1.2420.00
Adopted: 05/02/93
(Revised: Sec. E 06/27/95)
(Revised: Sec. E 01/23/97)
(Revised: Sec. E 01/19/99)
(Revised: Sec. I 07/19/01)
-Cremation Charges (Revised: Sec. I & IV- Res. 864-02/28/02) (Revised: Sec. I-E, Sec. III-H., Sec. IV, & Sec. V by Resolution #1086 10/10/13)
-Cremation-All Charges (Revised: Sec. III-E, III-H, III-I, III-F by Resolution #1111)
(Revised: Sec. II-B, II-C, III-F, III-I, III-M, IV-A-2 by Resolution #1134 dated 7/14/2016)