In The Know – April 2018

The power outages last month were caused by problems in the lines coming in from Duke Energy.   We updated our substations last year so we can transfer town lines to different substations.  This will reduce outages resulting from damaged feeder lines from Duke Energy.   Unfortunately, Duke Energy has never completed their end of this project which keeps us from being able to switch the feeds.  Duke plans to finish this project this year.  This brings another reminder to call Art Owens at 937-378-6395 X 1003 to register to receive calls through One Call Now.  It is a mode of communication with our citizens during emergencies such as power outages or other information citizens need to know.

While we wait for the weather to cooperate so the street paving can be completed, our street department has been trying to deal with pot holes.   They are having to use cold patches since hot patches are only produced in the summer.   The cold patches are temporary and don’t hold after rain or snow.

The village will be digitizing our records this year.   Ordinances will be posted online and will allow for keyword searches to be performed.  This will give everyone the ability to look up what current ordinances are in place.  While this is an expensive and time consuming task, it is important that everyone be able to search them when questions arise.

New councilmembers Andy Clift and Nancy Montgomery attended the Ohio Municipal League training for new councilmembers.  It was a great overview of issues councilmembers deal with including passing ordinances, how meetings should be run, economic development, and finances.

Georgetown welcomed a special police officer this month.  Ridge, a male Dutch shepherd, has joined the force as a narcotics dog.   Ridge was formerly with BCI but was not ready to retire when his BCI handler was and so was adopted by GPD Officer Rich Shofstall.  Ridge and Officer Shofstall have been together for 4 years and they were certified in 2015.  Ridge’s reward for a job well-done is his ball.


K-9 Officer Ridge joins his handler, Officer Rich Shofstall at the Georgetown Police Department.

Officer Shofstall was assistant chief with the Winchester, Ohio Police Department from 2013 to October, 2017 when he rejoined the Georgetown PD.  Ridge worked with Officer Shofstall in Winchester, also.  He is part of Officer Shofstall’s family even going on vacation with him.  They are together 24/7.  Georgetown is paying no daily maintenance or care fees for Ridge and will pay only for an annual physical.    A small group of concerned citizens has recently donated a   K-9 Narcan kit for Ridge since narcotic K-9’s are quite susceptible to drug exposure through sniffing and touching.  Many K-9’s have been lost through such contact.

The Community Improvement Corporation was established under the Ohio Revised Code and was formed by the Georgetown Village Council in 2013 as an economic tool for the Village.   It is a 501(c)(3) which exists to  revitalize Georgetown physically, economically, and socially.   Their sole purpose is to encourage and promote the industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development of the village.

Properties are put into the CIC’s name and the CIC can negotiate sales to the advantage of the Village.   If the Village itself would sell this property, we would have to take bids and lose any flexibility in negotiations.   After the property is sold, the money goes to the Village and the council decides how much, if any, money goes to the CIC for them to use for the Village’s benefit.  The CIC’s money can be used for business loans for startups or existing businesses.  The CIC can also facilitate companies applying for low interest loans through the state revolving loan program and Grow Now Funds available through local banks.  Both program loans are based on the number of jobs created.

The current members of the Village of Georgetown CIC are Carol Myers, Dale Cahall, Dave Guenther, Margy Paeltz, and Charlie Ring.  The CIC meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 5:00 PM  in the Council Chamber and are open to the public.