In The Know – February 2018

We have been notified Georgetown is first in line with ODOT to have State St. (SR 125) paved from the bridge to where it meets SR 68.  At the same time, we will be paving South Main St. from the town building to the curve past Fourth St.   This will be paid for through the water main project loan.  The town will pay for paving N. Main St. from State St. to Apple St.  The weather will determine exactly when these projects will start.

Oglethorpe, Inc. has started reconstruction on the old Brown County Hospital building preparing for their behavior hospital.  Construction crews are currently doing demolition work on the inside of the building after which renovation will begin including new HVAC installations.  There is no timeline for opening yet.

The Georgetown Utility Department continues to install remotely read water and electric meters.  They have completed the residential meters with the installation of 1,976 remote meters.  They have 219 commercial remote meters to install.   There are about 500 remote water meters still to install for residential customers.  There are 200 commercial remote water meters to be installed.  The remote read meters are more accurate with no human error, faster to read and never freeze shut so they can be read on schedule no matter what the weather.  History reports can be run to detect when a problem started.  If someone has a water leak, the report can be run so it can be determined within an hour of when the leak started.   An underused offering of the utility department is the ability to view your bill online and to pay your bill online if you prefer.  You can also view your bills for the year.   When you get your bill, go to the village website at and click on Pay Your Bill Online.   You can search your invoices or pay your bill without registering, but go ahead and register for an account so you can use other features.  You do not have to pay online to use the invoice search feature or to view your current bill.   Online pay is convenient and you can use a credit card, debit card, or directly from your bank account.  You can also pay over the phone by calling  378-6144 and choosing option 1.

The application for the 2018 Capital Budget request has been submitted.  If approved, this will complete the second phase of the Gaslight Restoration.  This phase includes updates to the inside of the theater itself, floor refinishing, seating repair, addressing HVAC issues, and a few other minor things.  We should hear if we will receive this money in May or June.

It is important the village government continues to function at all times.   To this end, village officials will be drafting and adopting a crisis plan in case of emergency in our village.  This plan would be activated when the continuity of our local government would be interrupted such as a natural disaster.  Art Owens, village administrator, Dale Cahall, mayor, Natalie Newberry, fiscal officer, and all department heads will be involved in developing the plan as well as council members.   A plan will also be created for backing up all data and recovering data in case computers are destroyed.

The village council has several committees.   Below are the committees and their members:

  • Community Development (streets, housing annex, signage, sidewalks, park, building use, cemetery, economic development) – Dave Guenther, Andy Clift, Nancy Montgomery
  • Emergency Services (Police, fire, EMS, human resources, equipment, training) – Wade Highlander, Andy Clift, Kelly Cornett
  • Utility Services (New additions, upgrades, equipment, rates, human resources) – Ginny Colwell, Kelly Cornette, Nancy Montgomery
  • Budget Committee (pay scales, finances, audit, revenue/expenditures) – Kelly Cornette, Ginny Colwell, Wade Highlander
  • Records Commissions – Natalie Newberry, Art Owens, Joe Braun

Committee meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis and are set at council meetings and often are held right before council meetings.  The next committee meeting scheduled is the Community Development Committee on Feb. 22 at 6:00 P.M. right before the council meeting.  The agenda is to discuss plans for the park for 2018.

There are also community commissions which are listed below with their members:

  • Cemetery Trustrees – Andy Clift, Jim Hesler, Ralph Sininger
  • Signage Members-At-Large – John Ludy, Selma Pitzer
  • Planning Commission – Dale Cahall, Art Owens, Joe Braun, Kelly Cornetter, Jim Myers, Carol Myers, Jay Hanselman
  • Strategic Planning Commission – Dale Cahall, Art Owens, Kelly Cornette, Dave Guenther, Daryll Gray, Jay Hanselman, Carol Myers, Jim Myers
  • Zoning Board of Appeals – Nancy Montgomery, Susan Bean, Denny Cahall, Liz Dunn, Kelly Jones
  • Income Tax Board of Review – Dale Cahall, Art Owens, Andy Clift, Ginny Colwell, Wade Highlander
  • Income Tax Board of Appeals – Susan Bean, Doug Eagan, Nancy Montgomery

Commission meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

All committee and commission meetings are posted on the bulletin board in the entrance to the village office and are open to the public and are usually held in the Council Chamber.

Our emergency service has a new ambulance to better serve our community.  They were down to one unreliable ambulance.  To provide timely and safe service, it was necessary for them to get an ambulance they can depend on.

Jesse Green, Georgetown police officer, is beginning a Neighborhood Watch in Georgetown.  Starting in 1972, the National Neighborhood Watch Program has united law enforcement and individual citizens to reduce crime and make local communities safer.  Police studies have proven the Neighborhood Watch Program to be an effective way to prevent crime in neighborhoods.  Office Green will host an organizational meeting on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2018, at 5:00 P.M. in the Council Chamber of the municipal building.  He will discuss how the program works and will lead a group discussion on the current issues in our neighborhoods.  Meetings will be held the second Sunday of each month and will feature different topics that will be presented based on concerns that have been brought to Officer Green’s attention.  We all must work together to make our village a safe place to live.  Become empowered by becoming active in community efforts to prevent crime!  If you have any questions, contact Office Green at 937-378-6400 ext. 1011.  You can also email him at  He hopes to have a good turnout.

We continue to explore how to livestream council meetings for the convenience of our citizens.  Gar Seigla, Georgetown Schools Technology Coordinator, is working with our village administrator, Art Owens, to find what equipment is needed and how to set it up to provide a quality streaming experience.  Many citizens have voiced their excitement for this opportunity, and we will soon be delivering council meetings into your homes!

There were no emergency services stats available.