Picture of Dale Cahall

Dale Cahall


Picture of Dave Guenther
Council Member

Dave Guenther

Picture of Kelly Cornette
Council Member

Kelly Cornette

Picture of Ginny Colwell
Council Member

Ginny Colwell

Picture of Andrew Clift
Council Member

Andrew Clift

Picture of Forrest “Buddy” Coburn
Council Member

Forrest “Buddy” Coburn

Picture of Steve Wolfe
Council Member

Steve Wolfe

Picture of Tyler Thompson

Tyler Thompson

Picture of Natalie R. Newberry
Fiscal Officer

Natalie R. Newberry

Picture of Hanna Koehler
Clerk of Courts

Hanna Koehler

Picture of Kathrynn McElroy
Tax Commissioner

Kathrynn McElroy

Picture of Mike Click
Code Enforcement

Mike Click

Picture of Michelle Hopkins
Clerk of Council

Michelle Hopkins